GAWARNThe Georgia Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (GAWARN) is a network of Georgia utilities and agencies that is committed to helping assist in emergency response and preparedness. GAWWA is a proud member of GAWARN and is dedicated to providing assistance for Georgia water-related emergencies.

GAWARN helps other utilities by developing solutions for sharing emergency resources among members in Georgia. Helping utilities and agencies improve readiness for the next natural or man-made emergency.

During the intensity of a natural disaster an individual agency can be greatly overwhelmed. Georgia agencies need help to effectively coordinate a strategic plan and to be alerted as to what resources are available. Georgia citizens can still function without power and phone, but a loss of water can be a dangerous health risk. Water restoration not only delivers wellness relief, but also provides hope during a long term recovery.

If your utility is not currently a member of GAWARN, we invite you to join today.