GAWWA Committee Chairs

Awards Chris Boyd
Communications Sarah Skinner
Distribution – Chair Cody Kelly
Distribution – Vice Chair Spencer Adams
Diversity – Chair Cornell Sims
Diversity – Vice Chair  
GAWARN Sandy Smith
Membership Danny Johnson
Model Water Tower – Chair Joseph Spann 2017-2018
Model Water Tower – Vice Chair Robert Moore 2017-2018
Water Plant of the Year – Chair Brian Kelley
Water Plant of the Year – Vice Chair  
Scholarship Danthea Hill
Water Treatment – Chair Michael Diaz
Water Treatment – Vice Chair  
Water Loss – Chair Dan Carter
Water Loss – Vice Chair Amber Whisner
Water For People Brandon Crook
No Water No Beer Festival Kelly Comstock

GAWWA Committee Liasons

GAWP Legislative Kathy Nguyen
GAWP Membership Kimberly Shorter

Committee Overview

Awards: Acknowledges outstanding work by utilities and individuals in providing safe drinking water through awards distributed at the Annual Conference.

Communications: Supports communications with our members through management of the section website (

Distribution: Provides information to personnel responsible for water distribution systems that will help them avoid acute and chronic delivery problems and to maintain water quality in the system.

Diversity: Assists GAWWA in creating a diverse membership and establishing an organizational environment that recognizes, encourages, celebrates and effectively utilizes each individual. The Diversity Committee also presents an Annual Champion of Diversity of Award to an individual, group, or organization within the Georgia water industry for contributions and achievements in the area of diversity and inclusion.

GAWARN: The Georgia Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (GAWARN) promotes emergency preparedness, and disaster response. The committee manages the mutual aid assistance for public and private water and wastewater municipalities that allows utilities to ask for and offer help following natural and man-made events.

Membership: Plans activities and events to recruit new members to the organization, retain members, and encourage active involvement of current members in GAWWA.

Model Water Tower Competition Committee: The purpose of the Model Water Tower Competition (MWTC) is to provide information to young students about water resource engineering, infrastructure, water treatment and conservation in hope that some will become future water professionals. The mission statement for the competition is: “From Today’s Youth Come Tomorrow’s Leaders – Let’s Lead Some To The Water Profession.”

Plant of the Year: Facilitates selection of the “System of the Year Awards” by identifying and training treatment plant inspectors.

Scholarship: The Scholarship Committee is responsible for advertising and selecting the Section’s scholarship awardees.

Water Treatment: Provides technical information to personnel responsible for water treatment systems.

Water Loss: Supports the identification and reduction of water losses, both real and apparent, through the use of the IWA/AWWA Methodology.

Water for People: Works to 1) provide local support for the national Water for People organization; 2) increase awareness of water issues in developing countries; and 3) raise funds to further drinking water and sanitation projects in developing countries. The annual BBQ contest and Popcorn for People sales at conferences are two of the ongoing fundraisers.